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Rene A. Henry, Fellow, PRSA, is the author of 10 books
(click on Books/Videos for detailed information) and he
writes on a variety of subjects including customer service,
crisis management and communications, sports, travel,
higher education, and general business.  

Many of his widely published articles are posted on this
website (click on Commentaries).

He currently has several books in various stages of
development and is working to produce two feature
motion pictures (click on Films/Motion Pictures).

He has had diverse careers internationally in public
relations, sports marketing, housing and real estate,
television and entertainment, politics, federal service,
higher education and as a trade association executive.

In 2006 he retired after three years with Innovative
Communications Corporation, a privately-held,
trendsetting telecom and media company headquartered
in Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, as Vice
President for Public Relations.
He later served as Counselor to the Chairman, President and CEO, Jeffrey Prosser.  

Since 2007, he has traveled extensively and written on various subjects including crisis management
and communications, sports, higher education, customer service, and marketing public relations.

During his career he has counseled Fortune 500 companies, leaders in entertainment, sports, higher
education, and politics and foreign governments on a myriad of issues and crises.

Some of his career highlights include the following:

*  As a political appointee at the U.S. Department of Labor in 1991, he was part of the team that
created, implemented and launched the Glass Ceiling Initiative.

*  As Co-Founder and Partner of ICPR, a Los Angeles-headquartered public relations firm with its
own offices in New York, Washington, D.C. and Paris, the firm was the first agency in the U.S. to
establish full service divisions for Hispanic Marketing and International Sports Marketing.

*  In 1974 he created and launched a program to attract pension fund investments in residential
mortgage securities, including approval by Congress for ERISA, that led to the creation of a viable
secondary mortgage market in the U.S.

*  In 1978 he worked with Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley to direct the international media
activities that resulted in Los Angeles being awarded the 1984 Olympic Games.

*  In 1988 he was a senior member of George Herbert Walker Bush's president campaign staff and
organized the most successful use ever of athletes and entertainers in a presidential election

*  In 2000 as Director of Communications and Government relations for the mid-Atlantic States region
of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  he spearheaded the efforts for the use by the region of
100% recycled paper with 100% post consumer fiber and use of vegetable based inks for all use of
paper. The policy was subsequently adopted by EPA headquarters.

* Co-produced  the national tour and tribute to the 1984 U. S. Olympic medal winners, that began with
a breakfast with President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan in Los Angeles, a celebration at the Capitol in
Washington, D.C., a ticker-tape parade in New York City (the largest in the city's history until the one
honoring the Desert Storm veterans), and stops at Disney World in Orlando and Dallas.

* He was the first to use video news releases to promote college sports (1955).

* He was the first to use video as a fund raising technique by colleges and universities (1991).

* He was the first in entertainment public relations and publicity to use sports to promote a feature
motion picture and movie for television (1986).

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